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On last days I listen some comments from APM-Pikhawk users about vulnerable wires and connectors for GPS, RM, etc. on my oun, I experienced failed gps wires from new (original) and RM one with some flying time and saw others with "NO GPS" problems, the first I said, try with another wires and was the solution; an other thing, they are difficult to unplug specially for men, many of them unpluged from the wires to add more risk  (I uses the nails ;)) .

3DR guys, Isn't possible to think on another better plug system for newer Pixhawk vers?

(It's only a little suggestion to have a better harware day to day, I begun with APM2.0 and never other harware problem, big quality products.:) .Many Thank's

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    that's how I unplug those connectors:


    • Was smiling watching this video I figured out this same technique after I first acquired the Pixhawk last year as it seemed to be the safest way to remove the connections. Yes I taught myself this after pulling wires from one connector.   I always tell myself that with how firmly these connectors fit that I won't ever have one pop out in mid flight. Best advice is to find the best way to disengage them out and try at all costs to NEVER try to ever pull them out from grasping the wires. As another wise man called out above no doubt this could compromise the integrity of the connection and lead to failure in flight.  

      I treat the handling of my flight controller as if I was going to be riding on my quad.  Well with how much I have invested in this hobby it feels like I'm onboard when FPV'ing. 

    • Thank,s Felix, this videos are very usefull for newbies, I, at begining, grumble a lot with this little guys, I use the nails and somethimes a screwdriver but you uses a bigger one and sounds easier, I'm going to try like it. 

  • Thank's Gary and Richard for your complete explanations, I though that someting happens with this connectors because they are in a lot of our flying electronics.

  • Hi Cala, Richard,

    DF13 connectors have been a hotly debated (and despised by many) issue since the PX4 first came out.

    I hate them, a lot of other people hate them, Lorenz Meier loves them and he designed it so we have DF13 connectors.

    (Not trying to start a fight Lorenz).

    It is hard to find a good connector that works in the spacing of the DF13.

    That said, I cut off the little retention tabs on each side of the connector body (the one on the PC board), then they are easy to pull out and still seem to have plenty of retention for all normal uses (they still don't come out on their own.)

    One of my main objections was that initially there was no good cheap tool to use for terminating your own DF13 cable connectors, but now there is one.

    They are still a pain in the A## but as long as their wires have been crimped properly they do make a reliable connection even in the not so vibration free circumstance of our flight controllers.

    At least so long as you don't yank them out trying to disconnect them.

    We have learned to live with them.

    Best regards,


    • Gary +1 (despise) of these connectors. But liking Mission planner and Pixhawk did find a nice way to circumvent these horrible connectors:

      Pixhawk with decent connectors


    • Gary your right I guess this has been out there awhile.

      I do understand what is required is a lot of connections in a small space so it's a tough task. I think it would be beneficial if instead of the cable/s being a lot of tiny wires that they are secured in an outer casing such as this http://www.ebay.com/itm/Ublox-NEO-M8N-GPS-Module-W-Compass-GPS-Hold... Not having all those individual wires so easy to catch things would be a huge improvement. I am very surprised that as 3DR is now at the forefront of this new technology aka drones yet they seem to have the back yard mechanic style going on with their gps and compass wires. While I can't know for sure I highly suspect that many cases of flight problems and time consumed on these forums trying to help people with issues could be directly attributed to simply having bad connections. The connector is one aspect, and perhaps the DF13 is the best bet.... but the vulnerability is another aspect. It seems at least the vulnerability aspect has been largely solved long ago and by cheap Chinese gps's [ like above ] seems like 3DR might want to take a step back from marching forward on new ideas and improve on what they already have. Just my long winded 2 cents :] 

  • I agree %100. I have had several mysterious 'issues' cleared up simply by changing the 6 pos or 4 pos cable. 

    I will say I don't have a problem disconnecting [ even though I don't have long nails :] ] by simply using a pry tool designed for this such as these electronics pry tool but even so I have seen the little plastic keepers round off or break off. It take such force sometimes you wonder if you haven;t compromised the circuit board. There must be a better way!!

    electronics pry tool - Bing images
    • Thank's for the electronic tools tip, I'm goning to try to find some of those, looks usefull for this microscopic things.

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