Pixhawk for Jet turbine plane


Soon I will start to fly my Skyrunner 300+ mounted with Wren 44+ turbine . I have been flying pixhawk for a while on Drone , FPV plane (skywalker, FX 61 long range) but never at hight speed.

Any tips would be great....the first challenge will be to place the pixhawb quite far from COG...I think it's not an issue but never done it.

And then to see the reaction at 300 km/h +++ 

anyway I will update soon with video & photo on this project



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  • I've got a bad feeling about turbines and autopilot controlled drones...  I do both (jets for 20 years), but never together lol.  And as you know, run time is like 10min max before you're out of fuel.  Very interested to see if it works though.

  • Yes of course i will mount a plastic canopy to cover the FC...will.update some pix soon
  • I would not mount it on top of an aircraft unless it has a canopy or some sort of cover over it. Remember there is a barometer inside and depending on how air will be directed internally it could effect or cause issues the the Baro sensor.
  • I read somewhere that FC away from COG was not an issue ...look at that on mission planner ...http://ardupilot.org/plane/docs/common-mounting-the-flight-controll...

    ''''It is not critical that it is placed exactly at the middle but closer is better (there are no recorded cases of problems caused by the controller being far from the centre of gravity).''''

    indeed to me it's very strange to move it far from COG ???..

    anyway I was thinking mouting it externally , on top of fuselage right on COG ...I will start gently to check behavior ...

    Mounting the Flight Controller — Plane documentation
  • Having your FC off of CG will be an issue
    Especially at high speeds. Just for the hell of it,
    On one of your other fixed wings move your pixhawk From CG to the same distance as you would on your skyrunner.
    Take it out on a calm day and fly it at full throttle and see how it reacts. See if you have any pitching issues or over correction I issues. FC work best on CG not so well off of CG. You can adjust and correct to a point but that all depends on how Far away from CG your FC will be.

    Flying at 60 mph vs 200 mph with a FC off of CG you might not like the outcome. Test the water before you jump in.
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