Pixhawk Lite V2.4.6 Controlling problems


after using APM 2.6 and Naza Lite with good results i tried the Pixhawk Lite from banggood. First

flight looks little confusing for me. The flight and loiter works well but i got abnormal motor controlling behaivior and sound as you can see in first video:


second video is showing each motor in action. sound good for me.


set up:

T Motors MT2216 -11 KV900

Gemfan 1050 

PX4 Pixhawk Lite V2.4.6

should be fine - works with naza very well.

 ive added a bin log file from first flight! thanks for your help!!!


1 04.10.2016 18-25-48.bin

1 04.10.2016 18-25-48.bin.log

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  • Hi,

    changed the Roll P Gain to 0,1 - works fine for me!


  • I battled such a problem for a couple of months.  Turns out, it was due to vibration wreaking havoc with my Pixhawk accelerometers and/or gyros.  Two things I did to reduce vibration.  One, I replaced the cheap Gemfan CF props (1652).......even when you think you have them perfectly balanced.....doesn't mean they are dynamically balanced.  I replaced them with KDE 15.5x5.3 CF blades.  Also, I did a better job of isolating the Pixhawk with softer mounting foam and a framed mount with bobbins (anti-vibration balls).  There were a few other measures I took to reduce vibration but I think you get the picture.  Good luck.


  • It can also be caused by plastic propellers. Try carbon fiber ones. They are far stiffer. That can make a huge difference.


  • The Roll P Gain is too high.

    Try Inflight Tuning

    InFlight tuning of Roll and Pitch — Copter documentation
  • Hi, IMO you have an Pid setup problem, try down Pid rate , I hope I can explain it with my poor english.


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