Pixhawk + Wifi = Intererence?

I am planning to extend my drone with a raspberry pi for additional sensoring. The pi will have a wifi dongle on it and will be positioned near the pixhawk. Would the wifi dongle cause the pixhawk to malfunction because of the wifi signal interference?



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    I have also flown planes and quads with Wifi and 2.4Ghz RC. If the Wifi traffic is low, and sporadic, I have not had problems, I have seen some interference when doing large file transfers over Wifi.

  • I've used the Raspberry Pi with WiFi on the Iris without any issues. 

    I printed a mount that attached to the underside of the Iris with mounting holes for the Pi.  It's probably within 10cm of the receiver.

    I'm using the Edimax WiFi dongle and I've configured it to use WiFi channel 14, this seems to work quite well. Of course, WiFi range isn't spectacular with the dongle so I'll loose my connection to the Pi if I fly too far away.

    • That's correct. WiFi channel 14 sits at the high end of the 2.4Ghz band and has minimal overlap with adjacent channels. It doesn't completely remove the possibility of interference but it has always seemed to work just fine.

      Here's a link for more info on wifi channels:
      List of WLAN channels
      WLAN (Wireless local area network) channels are frequently accessed using IEEE 802.11 protocols and are sold mostly under the trademark Wi-Fi. Other…
    • And are you using a 2.4 Ghz RC?

  • Use 5.8 GHz wifi to avoid problems

    • Sorry, meant 5 Ghz

  • any interference from the wifi is with the radio receiver (if it is also on 2.4), not the pixhawk itself. So if you used a different freq for control e.g. a dragonlink on 433MHz then that'd remove the potential for interference.

    • then the wifi would certainly interfere with my spectrum receiver

      thanks for the tip!

  • Just a few hours ago we flew with a Pixhawk and raspberry pi connected to an OceanOptics spectrometer. The Pi was mounted about 15 cm below the Pixhawk and we didn't experience any issues.

  • I can't say for certain that it shouldn't, but I have had an Intel Edison on mine with Wifi and Bluetooth. The only interference came from our fpv transmitter but once we removed it, worked great. 

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