I have set up 3 quads now but for some reason after installing a new pixhawk on this quad [ that flew fine with another pixhawk ] I cannot get rid of this 'bouncy' quad. I have tried auto tune, high pids, low pids and nothing seems to fix it. Here's a video link on you tube. Sorry it's not great kinda hard to do yourself. Here's a log too. ps I accidentally bumped auto tune mode by mistake for a second disregard that. The pixhawk is mounted securely with gel pads. Any suggestion would be greatly appreciated!! 

1100 kv T- motors
11.1 v 3c batt
all in one 30 amp esc
10 x 4.5 props
you tube link

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  • I would not recommend T motors, on the AC 3.2.1, they just dont work that well. I noticed your PIDs are extremely high, try starting from default and work step by step. IN case its not PIds, replace motors and test again. GOOD LUCK

    Try this replace to 800kv motors and 10x5 graupner props, the Magic is there.

    • T motors come in many different varieties you think they are all bad? 

      4.5 PID is high? 

      Thanks for the input :] 

    • I have tried the new Air Gear series of T motors and no matter what prop combination they just keep jumping the quad. Stabilize no problems but on alt hold it just goes off to a good jumping behavior

    • 4.5 is the standard,perhaps you can low it and test

  • Does the pixhawk continue to learn doing auto tune more than once?? 

    • Just a suggestion: Try putting 9x4.7 prop slow fly. Of course, you will have higher THR_MID...you will see magic.

    • Thanks for the suggestion. What did you notice better than the 10x4.5? Higher rpm / more responsive? 

    • You are right...higher rpm/responsive. With your set up, if you go back to AC3.1.5, your copter will not bounce...However, AC3.2.1 is the best thing that happen to Arducopter...You have to find the best motor/prop combination. For testing purposes, fly on alt_hold at around 3m alt and check if the"bouncing" is gone...hope this helps.

    • Just ordered a set... can't wait to try them out.

    • I suppose that

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