Setting up octo for first use?


So Im at the point where I have my K130 octo ready and setup my Taranis flight modes etc.

Simple tests at home comfirm the engines are starting and it wants to take off.

(It needs very little throttle since it has good power and not loaded yet.)

So looks ready to take out to the field to test this weekend.

What is the best guide/info about how to identify settings to apply, for exmple how to determine what my throttle value for hover is meant to be set at.

For the moment I just have whatever is default for a brand new flashed pixhawk in octo mode.

I dont imagine I get as far as PIDS straight away, but knowing what approx value for loiter etc seems to be important?Or will loiter learn by itself trying to stay at a set height?

Is it best to start in Mission Planner (windows only) , APM:PLanner (on my macbook) or droidplanner (on my nexus)

Which ones allow autotune. Is it safe to hover at say 6-8m and run an autotune?

Any advise appreciated, or even a point to the pages Ive missed about this stuff.



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  • Hiya

    Took my K130 up for the first time.

    Apart from some operator (me) errors the pixhawk performed fine I think.

    It did a RTL with no problems and was amazingly stable dispite the winds (so much more so than my iris, due to wieght differences I guess)

    Make sure you put in the tapping screws in the arm to lock their rotation. I had a few come loose and turn, so the copter began to yaw.

    Also....if you have v1 legs, they are a bit naff. Even without trying to raise them...jsut hanging down they were a bit wobbly.

    Havent done auto tune or modes yet (beside RTL...which was actually by accident....glad it worked )

    In regards to the throttle, I just used default settings, and with my Taranis almost exactly 50% was level hovering.

    This is with just the copter and a 10,000 mah 6S battery. So maybe with payload need to adjust hover value.



  • Hey Paul.

    we havent fired our k130 up yet.  we ran into a few ESC issues.. those will be resolved in the next day or two and i am pretty sure it will be flying this weekend..

    I can only tell you what i have learned from messing around with a smaller airframe and aside from one mishap its being going well. 

    there are several online calculators for determining loaded throttle percentages as i am aware basically you just want to make sure your leave yourself some headroom when loaded down some people i have found dont like to go much past 65% when loaded other are ok with a higher percentage. so opinions vary. 

    We have been reading that folks have been having luck with default PIDs and i am confident if wired properly the sync issue is not an issue.  so for autotune,  make sure alt hold is properly working id 10 meters will allow you enough room to turn off autotune and and resume defult pids.

    I used mission planner simply because its what i got used to, i have used droid planner and it worked also.. auto tune for me did not affect any PIDs other than the first two columns and from memory i think those were roll and pitch but i dont remember for sure.

    i hope that helps.. and let us know how it goes!


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