VTOL for mapping and cam_trig setup


Hello all.

On my first post, I would to get some HELP /information about the steps to setup the VTOL for mapping.

I already install arduplane FW and enable Q on MP. 

Since I'm multirotors maker, i'm not familiar with MP's plane windows.

My questions: (can't find the answer on internet yet)

1. I need Aux 4 for Cam_feedback and Aux 5 for Cam-trig (as i usually set on my multirotors).

What should I do for quad-plane? can I set Main 1 - 4 for Quad Motors and Main 5 - 8 for AETR? or move the Cam_trig relay and Cam_feedback past capture to other pins (where?)?

2. Where I can find the window to pick Channel7 for Camrea Trigger (as we find in PID window on Arducopter) ? 

I cant any where (by "Find" tool and manually).ha ha ha - so frustrated 

3. For those who also are familiar with Qground control, what is your suggestion for quadplane beginner maker, should keep going with Ardu/MissionPlanner or move to QGroundC/PX4?

That's for now - thank you to all. Hope someone can help to give some guidance for my matters.

Thank you very much - cheers :-)  

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