I have an issue with a new quad running Pixhawk.

Upon taking off this morning, the quad immediately started to yaw in circles while hovering. The yawing stopped after roughly 10-15 seconds and then flew perfectly. I have noticed in one prior flight that the copter decided to do a 180 about face by itself. This must be a calibration/compass issue, as the log suggests.

Any ideas? I calibrated inside my home, so could that be it? Controller issue?

The logs will show you how crazy it went. When it stopped, it flew picture perfect thereafter.

Here is a video of my setup and flight this morning (disregard the battery failsafe sound, it was way too conservative).


2015-04-30 07-51-54.bin

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  • I second trying to do a compass calibration as far away from anything magnetic as you can. 

  • Also you should do a motor/compass calibration just to make sure.
  • It's never a good idea to calibrate the compass in your house or any structure that has electrical wires running around.
    There is to much magnetic interference and even depending your geological location it can mess things up.
    Take it outside and away from anything that might create a magnetic field and recalibrate.
    Bring a hand held compass with you for checking for any megnetic interference.

    Once you do this, try your flight again and see what happens.
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