As the Plexidrone is finally released, this group will be the perfect place to share users' first-hand experiences and impressions. Feel free to provide your feedback both positive and negative for a better understanding of the Plexidrone's many capabilities.
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  • The previous comment was obviously a copy-paste spam. DreamQii is clearly alive and PlexiDrone does exist. DreamQii has been doing regular update on their facebook page and uploading video on youtube channel. An example is the production trailer that they released earlier It looks to me that PlexiDrone is getting closer and closer to production and DreamQii engineers are working hard on it. If we really want the company to succeed and to see PlexiDrone in the market, the best way is stop jeopardizing its reputation and hope for the best.

  • DreamQii and Klever have clearly forgotten all about this interview.  Do not buy a PlexiDrone or anything from DreamQii! The product simply doesn't exist and it's doubtful if it ever will! No one has seen it. They haven't delivered the PlexiDrone to any customers and have not delivered the BublCam, or the Sony video cameras either. It's all just a dream idea right now (or a nightmare for some customers!). DreamQii launched a crowd-funding campaign on Indiegogo back in October 2014, promising to deliver the quadcoptor UAS drone "PlexiDrone" by March 2015. March 2015 came without delivery of PlexiDrone and without a reasonable explanation from DreamQii. Then the delivery date was pushed to April 2015, then September 2015, all dates passed without delivery of the PlexiDrone to any customers. DreamQii didn't respond to customer requests for product delivery or product development updates. Customers asked via: emails to DreamQii, on the Indiegogo comments page for DreamQii and via DreamQii's Facebook page, most went unanswered and ignored. DreamQii would  often give vague updates, that didn't say anything of any substance and simply mislead customers. If you visit their Indiegogo campaign page, their Facebook page or other "PlexiDrone" customer pages you will quickly read about the frustration many customers are experiencing. If this is how DreamQii treats their customers who have supported and backed them before they have even produced a product, imagine how bad their customer service will be if DreamQii ever does deliver their product!!

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