Tail wagging after crash

I recently crashed my PD by going into stabilize instead of RTL when I had my throttle low (2 stupid mistakes right there) and it went down like a brick.

This was what was left of it:

doHrl4J.jpgHowever, I patched her all up again. Ducttaped and hotglued everything, including the landing gear (so it is now forever stuck into place). Everything looked good again, but when powering her up, the tail goes crazy.

I shot a video:

Can anyone tell me what is going on here? And how I can fix it? :)

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  • Really great job on the repair mate!

    I am not sure what is going on with that tail servo however it certainly looks like it is a software, rather than a hardware, issue.

    You haven't lost the ability to articulate the tail with the rc controller have you? I wonder whether this unusual behaviour might settle down once you actually took off? Have you tried to persevere and take off in stabilise mode to see what happens?

    Also - have you re-calibrated your magnetometer since flying home to the other side of the planet?  I assume that you would have but just thought it worth checking.  Might be worth redoing the accellerometers and magnetometer calibrations anyway just to see if that settles things down.

    • Well, outside the wagging was a lot less, so I guess the sensors do play a role. However, it's still twitchy, and when trying to lift off it just fell over, instantly breaking the tail again. I guess the glue wasn't as good as I hoped (I used plastic instant glue plus hotglue and ducttape) :(

    • I did both recalibrations (after putting in the 433mhz radio) before the big crash, haven't done them after patching her up again. I figured I'd check with everyone first, to see if anyone had encountered this behaviour before.
      I can still move the tail via the controller, yes, but it also moves on it's own so much that I haven't tried taking off in stabilize mode yet. I should probably hook the thing up to do a new calibration first and have it regain GPS and such, but I still fear that the problem is mechanical in the sense that something might be shorting.

      The weather is better now, so I should probably have a try!

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