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The Pocket Drone is a foldable tricopter made by airdroids after an extremely successful Kickstarter campaign. Unfortunately it did not live up to it's hype, but with it's APM for a brain it is definitely possible to make it fly after performing a few modifications to the supplied airframe.
As DIYDrones is the home of the APM and the Arducopter firmware creators, it's also the place to be for people who are trying to get the most out of their Pocket Drone.

With a little help of the Pocket Drone Community User Guide, even people completely new to drone flying should be able to get their Pocket Drone up in the air!

If you have any questions or feedback on the Pocket Drone or the user guide, feel free to start or join a discussion below!

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How to get the new propellar?

I bought one Pocket drone from Ebay.I enjyoed it. But, I broke my drone propellar. I want to get spares.The pocket drone's propellar is special, So it can be foldable.I can' t bought it from any e-shop.How to get the new propellar?

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How Many Pocket Drones Are There?

I bought one Pocket drone for $99 (NIB), and I just picked up a slightly used one on Ebay for $75 (free shipping). I figured I wanted a second one for spares, and maybe use the electronics with the Trifecta I have coming in.I snatched the ones I found that were cheap, but they are tough to find. Any idea how many total Pocket Drones were built and shipped?Thanks - Mike

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Specifications for the motors

Hey All,Just picked up a new PD for $99 plus shipping (NIB). Even if crap, I already ordered a Hobby King Trifecta  Frame in case. My question is, what are the specs for the motors? The Trifecta calls for 2206-2150Kv motors. Is the PD the same?Thanks - Mike

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3D printed legs

Hey, just joined up here after buying a PD for $200 on eBay. First thing is that the legs fell off. I am going to go through the whole "fix it" process before I even try to fly. (The enhanced guide) I hear the service from the company is non-existent? I build tons of stuff for drones and am a 3D Iris+ guy (APM, etc) I figure the guts alone are worth more than $200. Here are some "snap on" legs that are super tough and also pop into the little clips by the leg holes. I have test dropped it a few…

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