3D printed legs

Hey, just joined up here after buying a PD for $200 on eBay. First thing is that the legs fell off. I am going to go through the whole "fix it" process before I even try to fly. (The enhanced guide) I hear the service from the company is non-existent? I build tons of stuff for drones and am a 3D Iris+ guy (APM, etc) I figure the guts alone are worth more than $200. 

Here are some "snap on" legs that are super tough and also pop into the little clips by the leg holes. I have test dropped it a few dozen times from about a foot and no issues. I'll build some better camera holder/gimbal options later and whatever else is useful. Ask for STL's 


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  • So, how was your experience flying the Pocket Drone compared to the Iris?
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