Building a Robocat piloted by a Pixracer

Before collecting all things to build my racer I start the task :)

The worse task is to find how to fit all this things in a little frame, Gervais build help me a lot.

3691302198?profile=originalAssembling first the motors, Scorpion 2205 2350 kv (easy to find their place)

3691302471?profile=originalThen the power board ASP4 from AUAV and dys xm 20A, I protected with heatshrink because, many times I fly with wet or rougth grass, I'm going to check temperature. 


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  • Sorry delay response Adam, I just see your question.

    My experience was nice, It fly nice for fpv, autonomous or manually, It´s help´s others to learn fly racers too and win a little racer ;) ; I love this guy, easy to transport everywere too. I use for long time Tower as ground station in phone or tablet, now I´m migrating to QGControl because Tower stop development but I still use sometimes because is easier to connect.

  • Hi Cala - really interested in your robocat pixracer built, I'm just about to build an alien frame with pixracer. Could you tell me about your experience with flying the quad went? Did the GPS function well mounted low to the frame and did you use any kind of ground station with the quad? Any autonomous flights?



  • 3702272356?profile=originalFinished product :D

  • 3702272294?profile=originalMobius on one side and with sensor enlarge wire, for the moment, suggestions are welcome :)

  • 3702272256?profile=originalProtected wires

  • GPS installed,

    the Rx and OSD+ Telem in front


    build in telem antenna out of the frame

  • Making a isolated plane for GPS with a new electronic board and grounded to pixracer3702252723?profile=original3702252629?profile=original

  • I connected the main components to test that everything was working well


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