• Here's mine.
    It's a relatively standard 250 size frame.  I used shorter standoffs between the top and bottom plates.  Using the longest props possible (6").  UHF control.  1.2 video. Weighs just over 500g w/ the 2200 battery.  I get about 15 minutes hover, gentle flying.


    • Nice setup and flying time for a racer :O; which motor and props are you using? props looks nice.

    • Motors are KDE KDE2304XF-2350.
      Props are t-motor clones from HK.. They were inexpensive and needed balancing, but work well after balancing.
      I actually prefer graupner c-props (more efficient), but they break easily.  While I've been testing the alpha/beta software, I've been using these carbon props.. They survive crashes and scrapes against things much better than the plastic Graupner's. 

      Getting the low copter weight and high flight time was tough!  It's the lightest frame I could find, with extra material removed.  Lightest ESC's and motors.  Everything is directly soldered w/ no heavy connectors anywhere.  Only one camera (my other 250 copter has an analog flight camera plus the HD camera for recording.. with this one, I am using the HD camera for FPV as well).


    Quad in video is the one on the left in the picture.


    • Wow, nice video; what controller are you using?

      the photo looks like mom with her childs :) . Thank's for share

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