For all those who fly RPi multi-rotor =)

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pi prepped for the sky

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  • Hi. Everyone who want to build own RPi-based copter can use this open-source code: :)

  • Not that far along, but doing a similar build.
    Raspberry Pi for the flight controller, code written in Go.  Access the Gyroscope, Accelerometer, Magnetometer(Compass), and PWM driver via the i2c bus.




    Android app on tablet sends commands to the RPi via wifi.

    Got my RPi camera, so, I'll add that too, I've used mjpg_streamer before in my RPi backup cam.

  • Thank you, i`ll try.

    Do you know any OpenSource software for RasPi-based copters?

    Does everyone else heve any progress?

  • Hi. I finished to build my copter yesterday. And i broked all propellers :)

    I have the flight base now and can start integrate RasPI into my copter.

    I will use WiFi for the communication and webcam for FPV.

    Also i will use existing MultiWii for copter stabilization and basic control.

    ReneeLov3, what do you use for the wireless connection?

    Do have any progress with camera? I tried to stream it but i had errors.

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