What Baud rate is required by RTKLIB

Hey  (hope you can help me),

Here is what I wanna do:

My rover is:

I have a Quadrocopter (UAV) with an U-Blox Neo M8T receiver which could be connected via USB or UARt serial port to my intel nuc board where I installed RTKLIB.

My base / reference station is:

I am not quite sure but I think best would be another U-blox receiver connected to a pc via usb. and on this pc is running also RTKLIB and a STRSVR (Server).

Both Rover and Base station should be connected via a STRSVR server over TCP / IP as a data link I would like to use Wifi. (If you know a better solution I would be happy).

Now what I would like to ask is:

(1) Between the UAV control board with the U-blox neo and the intel nuc board what Baud rate is needed for a precise <10cm accuracy of relative positioing between the base and the flying quadrocopter?  I already read RTKLIB sets per default the Baud rate to 9600bps. And if you connect via USB Baud rate does not matter at all.

(2) Does anyone know how long it takes for solving the integer ambiguity problem (Initialization of a carrier-phase solution). Here I do not understand why it just has to solve this problem once and can then update very fast (how fast actually?)

(3) What about the DataLink? Does it have to be fast? Or be able to send a certain baud rate so that the baseline can be determined accurately and fast?

(4) Are you using for doing all of this a kit like:

Hope you can help me with these questions would be nice if you can share some experience.

Best and thanks a lot


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