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  • Anyone know where to look for documentation of the sentence structure for the ECEF output? I've searched high and low with no luck. I can read the output via serial monitor just fine but really searching for the recipe to parse out the data to use in a script

  • Has anyone in this group tried to post-process GPS L1 plus GLONASS raw phase observations? RTKPOST seems to ignore the Glonass observations in the RINEX observation files  - even if the GLONASS box in the options dialog is ticked. Any advice wold be very much appreciated.

  • post your projects here so we can share ideas about the use of RTKLIB

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RTKCONV not generating .OBS

Hi,I'm attaching a M8T module to teensy 3.1 (arduino like board) via UART 1. It is configured to provide raw data measurements with GPS + GLONASS and save it to a file .ubx.Everything is alright with the process of configuring the module with Arduino IDE. The problem comes when a run the .ubx file through rtkconv. I only get the .nav.But I'm only interest  in the .obs.Does anyone is having the same problem?I get the E=275 error. Couldn't find a reference anywhere. rtk.png

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What Baud rate is required by RTKLIB

Hey  (hope you can help me),Here is what I wanna do:My rover is:I have a Quadrocopter (UAV) with an U-Blox Neo M8T receiver which could be connected via USB or UARt serial port to my intel nuc board where I installed RTKLIB.My base / reference station is:I am not quite sure but I think best would be another U-blox receiver connected to a pc via usb. and on this pc is running also RTKLIB and a STRSVR (Server).Both Rover and Base station should be connected via a STRSVR server over TCP / IP as a…

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