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    you need to specify a base location in either step 6 in strsrv, or step 5 in rtknavi

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      are your gps's realy set to 9600 baud? that's seems very low.

    • I turn this to 115200,but there is another problem:
      I use this command:./str2str -in serial://ttyUSB0:9600:8:n:1:off#ubx -out serial://ttyAMA0:57600:8:n:1:off#rtcm3 -msg 1002,1006,1013,1019 -p 31.94270531 118.78575612 30.814

      but there is just RTCM 1002 data

    • Hello Michael,

              I can't believe that you replied my question. I just watch you name every time I use the Mission Planner! Thank you!

              By the way,I have done as what you said,but failed.I found the most important question is the rover station didn't receive the RTCM3 data,because when I turn the base station fromat into the RTCM3 there is nothing.But in the hex,I can see the data increasing,what's wrong?

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