3DR Solo - Controller Sun Shield

OK, been trying to figure out how best to view live feed from Solo in the sun. Tried Nexus 7 way dim, Tab Pro 8.4 also dim, Tab S 8.4 - still not bright enough. Then found this on Amazon:



Search Amazon for Anbee® DJI Inspire 1 FPV Monitor Sunshade. $14.99. As it is made of cardboard covered with a white vinyl it was super easy to trim to fit controller. Clamp holds both shade and tab in place. Now just need to cover Inspire logo with a 3DR sticker:-).

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  • just bought this on feebay. 20.00...3d printed...works good. No cutting necessary


    • What's the link?
  • I have the Tab S 8.4 and bought the Anbee DJI Inspire sunshade however it was about 1/2" too narrow to fit. 

    So you bought the largest one and cut it down?

    • Yes - the 9.7", I trimmed the bottom to fit. 

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