3DR Solo Gimbal Test.. The Basics

My first test of basic functions with the new 3dr Gimbal on the Solo. Wind was light at 5-10mph. Temp was 87 at 6pm. GoPro Hero 4 Bk 1920x1080. Peau 4.35mm lens (yes there is slight discoloration in the corners). I'm no pro video editor..just the basics. No form of stabilization was done on this video at all. It was edited only for clip length and basic color tuning.

Software, Firmware and Gimbal installs all went well without a single issue. The ability to start and stop the recording in flight is going to be a real time saver when back home and editing files.
Critiques and feedback welcome and encouraged. Particularly if you are using a gimbal/flight system of another manufacturer. Let's here the good, the bad and the ugly as long as it is honest and something we can all learn from.

I thought this gimbal did very well on The Horizon Drift test. This is something that has plagued most consumer grade gimbals on the market. And there is a lot of discussion about it in the DJI threads as well. I thought the new 'Watch Me' mode was fun. This is where the Solo will stay in it's position, but turn as needed to keep you in view.

The slight stuttering you see when played back is not in the original video, but has something to do with the encoding on the web?


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  • Thanks for posting this.  The rest of us are still waiting for our gimbals.

    I'm curious about the setting you used for the Hero 4 Black.  Was it medium at 60fps, or was it narrow?  Did you eliminate the fisheye effect in postprocessing  with GoPro Studio?  It's nice that the legs don't show in the video, or did you crop it to remove the legs?  I notice in my un-gimballed Solo that the legs show in medium width videos.


    • Hey Stuart,

      In the description I mention that I used the Peau 4.35 lens. That is a non distortion lens and so there was no fisheye to correct for. With that lens I am also able to use the W setting and still not have the legs in the picture.

      Hope you get your gimbal soon.

    • Thanks for the clarification.  I think I'll get one of those lenses!

  • Thanks for the Gimbal test video, I'm still waiting for my gimbal.  Do you have stock legs ?  The clearance to the bottom of the gimbal/camera looks close in the 3DR pics.  Have you taken off or landed in grass or less than perfect surface?  I'm curious if the gimbal reacts to any 'obstruction' while on the ground with stock legs.  They seem too short based on my experience with 350QX (with tall leg set) and a gimbaled GoPro.

    • I have a set of short leg extensions that raise it about an inch, but I also usually take a small mat to take off/land on. That helps in both the grass and dirt locations.

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