3DR Solo Pricing

The local authorised Australian distributors have been announced along with a pricing which almost left me with my jaw hitting the floor. Based on pre orders the local Solo will be priced around $1800 AUS, this appears to be really expensive even when taking into account freight and local gst.

If we say the Solo sold in the US for $1000 USD (Retail Pricing) the current converstion price makes it about $1340 AUD. This makes the local Solo about $500 more expensive than available in the US, surley the local distributors are not air freighting them into the country, and at 10% gst that would still make it around $250 - $300 more expensive.

I could buy it in the US, use a freight forward company to my door and still be around $200 better off, or buy an Iris+.

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  • they would be getting drop shipped from PCH International in the PRC...so freight shouldn't be too bad.

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