3dr Solo Firmware Update 1.1.12


I was late with this update as I haven't flown in over a week. Not sure if anyone else has this issue, but was a little bit frustrated with the update today. FYI You have to access the update AFTER you select "FLY SOLO" in the Solo App, then select from menu. If you select the update from the menu before selecting "FLY SOLO", you will see the update notification, but will be told that you are up to date with the older version 1.0.5

Some really good updates. Seems like 3dr is listening to its community.





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  • Anyone have a problem updating today. After a call to 3dr I get a questionable awnser. So another update is coming Monday because this update grounded supposedly not just me.
    Current info settings are still the same except now autopilot says unkown for the software ver.
    Anyone else grounded for the weekend cause the update?
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