There is a lot to like about the WiMius L3 16MP 4K Action Cam as it's undoubtedly a worthy competitor to the GoPro at a sharp fraction of the price. It's simply amazing what they were able to do in such a tight package. It does 4k video , 60fps 1080p video, has a webcam mode which would be used on youtube if necessary, comes with a variety of different accessories like the go pro which includes the signature case and many many other cool things as well. I use a program called Bandicam I was surprised to see this camera be used like a webcam it's truly a beautiful sight. Of course, it can be used as an action cam as well if needed. Another cool feature is the touch screen 2.4 inch display. When I saw the Lack of buttons on the product I was concerned at first by then by accident I tapped the screen and to my surprise the screen listened to my command. Of all the action camera's I have had this is by far the best Ui I have ever seen. It's simple and too the point and I love it
It's not perfect by any means however and I will mention why now. First the fps on 4k mode and frame stability does look like it could need some optimizations it's not the best but by no means. However that does not mean it's a deal breaker. Also, the microphone could use a boost in quality, however, I used this thing as a webcam and just used my own microphone so this was not an issue anyway. Back to some more cool stuff the waterproof elementorse to work well when the case Is so that you let stream to i sink to in my sink and it it is to work fine. This product also has wifi feature that works with android and ios thanks to an app called WiMius Cam Pro. This app allows you to stream what your recording to your phone for Easy sharing and viewing. Also, do not let me us with a spear battery which is amazing. I was able to record all the footage I needed in a day without any issue with power and that's huge !! I gotta be Honest I'm speechless here it truly does it all and I can not believe i T.
The original price: $119.99
The promotion price: $77.99
The code: PM93NOQA
$42% off

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