Contest for Solo owners/users

The forum seems to be captivated by a number of Solo crashes.  When I search for Solo crashes, I am not seeing the vast numbers that I would expect to see based on the threads.  No one wants their new drone to crash (mine did and is out of commission awaiting a new motor pod).

Having said that - the handful of incidents must be relatively small percentage of the total number of units shipped to date.

When you look at other drones, they are well represented by crashes too.  But they are also represented by some great videos.

Solo doesn't seem to have the number of great videos from everyday users - so I decided to run a contest, so that we can see some video of what real people ARE actually doing with their new Solos.  I know people are successfully flying and taking videos - let see some of that.

Prizes (funded out of my own pocket) include batteries for your GoPro, SanDisk 32G microSDHC UHS-1 cards, and even 3DR Solo propeller sets.  If I get enough entries, I will add more goodies to the prize pool.

Details on the YouTube Drone Videography channel

Note that I am not an employee of, or any way associated with, 3DR. 

Subscribe, Enter the contest, tell a friend who has a Solo.

 - Mark

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