I recently tried to take off from a boat "moving platform" after installing the latest 3dr update. After several attempts I gave up and took off from a dock. I ended making a pretty good video with some solo aerial shots https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2g6n954A9cE

on April 18th 3DR announced that there is a "boat mode" so im pretty sure this is a real flight mode.


Has anyone figured out how to use "boat mode" yet? 


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  • According to the CEO who messaged me a while back their internal beta testing with it went very well and it was being tested externally by about 100 guys and so far so good.  Their target date for the next software update to include this was May 15th.  I am traveling and not sure if it came out as scheduled though.

  • It is a mode that will be in a new update that should be soon...but right now, it is only available to those who are beta testing this new update.  So, you will have to still wait awhile, but shouldn't be too long now.

    • What do you consider "but shouldn't be too long now", weeks , months?

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