Different Coloured Solo Shells. Painted, Purchased, ect..

Hey Folks,

while looking at different mods and parts/accessories to the Solo I came across an Alliance Wakeboard Solo which was white http://www.alliancewake.com/wake/2016-3dr-colorware-surf-expo/. After looking further into it, it seems as though they had they're shell painted by Colorware.

So my question is, has anyone attempted to change to colour of their body shells? 

If so, which method did you find to be the most effective (factory look smooth/shine, while keeping the procedure somewhat simple)? Or has someone found an option to purchase a shell in various colours? 

While I suppose one may contact Colorware, and consider sending them a shell, but seems like the cost of shipping ect.. could start to accumulate quickly, might not be worth it.

Also, would there be any cons to painting as appose to a shell thats been fabricated in various colours, such as an increase in weight effecting battery life ect..?

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