• It uses it own special battery. Snaps into the top of the Solo. Also has a battery indicator. So won't be able to use past batteries.
    • Yea I know but if the case could come apart I'm sure I could install my own 4S. You would probably then need to do a 'reset' of some sort on the logic board. I think one of the 'smart' features is it see's how many charge cycles it has been through and basically disables the battery eventually. Actually I shouldn't say that I don't know if that's what 3DR's smart battery does. But I know the Phantom does and on two occasions a battery that was just fine suddenly wouldn't work. One that was fairly new. It seems that once in awhile the 'smart' wigs out and doesn't work. The disappointing thing is it seems that it has a lot to do with mandating you have buy their battery more than just for 'safety'. 

    • I heard other companies will make other batteries.

    • Im sure as Solo is open source. Also will accept 3rd party accessories via the accessory bay under the Solo.

      Big question is will they will stand by their protection if Solo crashes, if you use anything other than 3DR products.
  • The only rumor I've heard is that it has a smart battery.
    • I wish I knew what a smart battery meant. Because it really doesn't make any sense.

    • A smart battery just means that it has a few circuits in it to measure how much charge is left, how many charging cycles it's been through, how healthy the battery is (ie what it's internal resistance is), etc. The Phantom 2 line and the Inspire 1 use smart batteries. It's not a huge deal for most of the users on this site, but it's more consumer friendly. I'll be happy if the battery is easy to slide in and lock in place.
    • A Phantom battery is $150!!!! I get mine for $39.95. My brother has spent over $500 on 'smart batteries' in 2 years time. They will just stop working even though they were working just fine. IT decides the life cycle is done and you shouldn't fly with it anymore. No thanks! I can judge for myself when a battery has reached it's life span when my flight times are reduced 5 minutes. Also... you must rely on they wimpy charger they sell you cannot fast charge these at least not that I'm aware of. I can charge mine in 20 minutes his takes a couple hours or more! If you try and defeat the system it become apparent that they went to great lengths to make sure you can't to the point you realize it isn't about safety as much as it's about $$ for them. They make a LOT of money on the battery sales. I'm all for 3dr solo using smart batteries but you should be able to use your own charger and it should simply tell you when it thinks the cycle is up not disable your battery and make you go buy another one. No thanks

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