Drones @ EAA AirVenture 2015

Flew my Solo today EAA AirVenture's new RC flyin, I was the only 3DR here. DJI is everywhere @ the booths and demo cage, which is new this year, but no 3DR Solos to found anywhere, no 3DR booth and no one representing 3DR that I could find. Plenty DJI love everywhere, all the major demos are Inspire 1's so far. Needless to say, but this is going to be huge moving forward with EAA & multi-copters/drones. I'll keep flying my Solo throughout the week (just wish I had my gimbal) @ the fun fly every evening from 5:30pm-10pm.Funny side note, the DJI Inspire 1's flying in the cage require special hacked(modified) firmware to fly at the air show due to their proximity to the runway. Even at the RC flying field over @ the EAA museum, where I'm flying, the Inspire 1's can't fly, once their firmware gets a GPS fix it doesn't allow flight, no problem for the Solo BTW.Cheers,

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