factory reset

I just completed a factory reset because I lost the solo wifi after I installed solo command_CLI. I was expecting the factory reset cleans out all my setting and restore the firmware back to day 1 when I received the quad. 

To my surprised, my wifi name and password are still there, so is the latest firmware which I upgraded few days ago. Although I got my solo wifi back and the quad seems flying ok with the controller, I wonder what the factory reset wipe out and what were restored please enlight me. thanks. 

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  • I have done the factory reset a few times (unfortunately) with the guidance of 3DR tech support.  I had an issue with the controller taking out the camera gimbal.  If done correctly, the factory reset does wipe everything including the wifi password and will need to program the firmware with the help of the Solo App again.  

    I am wondering if you did not hold the reset button long enough on the Solo and only put the quad into Wifi pairing mode and not a complete reset.  Pairing mode will not wipe the Wifi password.



    • Hello Aussie,

      That was my thinking too that I only did a radio pairing. , That said I did hold down the pair button to power on and waited for the orange led blinking rapidly before I release the button. Anyway, my goal was to get the wifi working again. What ever I did accomplished what I wanted. Thanks for the reply.

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