Flying Practice

I would like to practice the Smart Shots in the house. Props off, not really flying. When I set everything up the controller is stuck looking for GPS.  How can I by-pass GPS search?

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  • You can not do what you want to do.

    The smart shots on Solo require GPS to work.  That is how they are set up.  For example, the Orbit smart shot works by determining the GPS coordinates for the "thing" you want to orbit.  Similarly, the Cable Cam smart shot uses the GPS coordinates of each point on the cable cam.  And in all smart shots, the Solo needs to know where it is relative to where it is supposed to go.  

    So GPS is a fundamental requirement of all smart shots.  

    You will have to find a nice big open space to practice them in real life.  Hopefully, 3DR will add Smart Shots to their flight simulator app some day.

  • Turn off the GeoFence and put it in one of the manual flight modes like stabilize.  As long as you have GeoFence enabled it needs a fix to arm.

    • Where is it?  I couldn't find it in Solo app Settings.

    • No. Don't go down that road.  You are new to the Solo and pixhawk/apm/arducopter.  I would not recommend changing parameters, yet.  And besides, it won't allow you to do what you are trying to do anyway.

      (For the record, you would need to use the Tower app or Mission Planner to do what he is suggesting).

    • Sorry I am not sure exactly where it is on Solo.  I am an Iris+ pilot.  On Iris+ this is in Mission Planner either under Initial Setup or Config/Tuning.  Been awhile since I have flown...  I did this exact thing you are trying to do last year when I got Iris+ and it worked great.

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