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    Yes, that's what SiteScan does. After it injects the position/pose into the EXIFs, it automatically uploads the images to the 3DR and Autodesk cloud. 

    • Thanks Chris. For agriculture applications, I've been using Pix4D or DroneDeploy's MapEngine for my post-processing. To use Solo in this toolchain, I would need (i) Solo to inject the geocode, (ii) have access to set it myself through DKPY, (iii) use an imager that does it, such as the Parrot Sequoia, or (iv) use MP's log/photo matching tool. Are there plans for (i) or (ii)?

    • This issue explains why I can't insert the data in the EXIF on the GoPro, which removes (i) and (ii) as options.

      (iv) looks too fiddly for multi-band imagery, so (iii) seems the way to go. I really like the Solo's open accessory bay; makes it easy to adapt imagers to suit.

      Setting EXIF fields for lat/long/alt through the gimbal class · Issue #607 · dronekit/dronekit-pyth…
      For stitching images into maps, I need the current lat/long/alt injected into the EXIF header of each image. Is this likely to be a feature of the gi…
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      We'll be releasing support for the new Sony camera in June. That might be the best option for you. It will include native Dronekit support. The Parrot Sequoia will be natively supported, too. 

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