Almost all of the professional landscape photos you see now-a-days are HDR, (a series of min 3 shots at different exposure values, processed to layer the light on top of each other to create a dramatic image). Processed from little (more accurate to what the eye sees) to a lot (making more artistic/dramatic shots) and HDR capability DOES matter to real photographers. In fact I was going to get a Phantom 4 instead of a the Solo JUST for the 1 stupid issue (Yes Auto Exposure Bracketing (AEB) is THAT important to photographers) But I snagged a killer deal on the Solo, and figured I'd use my other Pixhawk based drones to take AEB sets of pics with.  I lamented the lack of a 1 drone solution.  Now I was just looking the latest changes and added features for the MySolo Android app and I notice something:



Burst mode and burst rate (requires Solo 2.1 or later)


Adjust GoPro EV settings!


Now I know I'm advertising my ignorance here, but if the MySolo APP can now control BURST mode AND GoPro’s EV settings, Can't someone put two and two together here program Burst and EV settings in one? That's exactly what Auto Exposure Bracketing is:


As in 3 burst photo shots @ EV -1, 0 and +1? (most common)

and in 5 burst photo shots @ EV -2, -1, 0, +1, +2

(That's exactly what DJI offers)


The only workaround I've seen is people doing it manually trying to change the settings really fast and hope it doesn't move around too much (software can only correct for so much movement - typical handheld movement in a split half second, but trying to do this in a drone? Almost impossible manually) But with burst mode and EV controlable, this should be a non-issue now.  

If you google Gopro and HDR / Auto Exposure Bracketing you will find this is a hot topic with lots of questions displaying a lot of pent up demand.  I even found apps that will do it, but you can't use this with the Mysolo app, etc.  If the 3DR Solo was the first to do this on a Drone with GoPro = Profit!  And if DJI is doing it, you gotta at least catch up there :)

I hope this is a feature to soon come. 


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  • This is a fantastic idea and a huge source of frustration for me too - please give us bracketed exposures and RAW files!!!

  • Good idea with wide professional and growing amateur appeal. Burst bracketing with image capture in RAW format would be even more attractive to the professional. The artful post processing of bracketed image sets (captured using a UV filter in RAW format) can be accomplished with inexpensive and easily learned photo editing software such as Adobe Photoshop Elements. This is one way to create exceptional images that have the "pop" that characterizes the best in real estate photography.
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