I have exhausted all troubleshooting for the live video feed problem on my Solo with GoPro Silver. All seemed to occur after the last 1.2.0 software update. The video works on the ground, but as soon as I Fly, the video starts to get intermittent. On my tablet, I see half screens, top/bottom split screens, then again full screens. This occurs even when Solo is 100' AGL just over my head. Any clues on this?, I have a 'gig' today and this is really driving me nuts! Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance.


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  • You know I have the same set up and have the same problem though only when I do selfie, orbit and the rest work fine...
  • That is a HDMI cable problem Chip.

    I saw your post on 3DR Pilots forum and answered there as well.

    But for anyone else who has this problem

    A quick temporary fix would be to discon/reconnect the hdmi cable inside Solo, that might get you working again. But ultimately you will need to change the cable itself.
    If you arent the techo type, get onto 3DR and get the cable replaced.
    Good thing is there isnt actually anything seriously wrong with the drone at all, just a dodgy cable.
    Goodluck. Let us know how you get on.

    • BTW: did you have the same issue, or just re-stating others problems that found and replaced a stock 3DR faulty internal HDMI cable.  I cannot fathom a static cable just 'failing'.  Just wondering.  Thanks...

    • Definitely had this issue, spend ages fault finding and eliminating other things trying to find it too.

      Short story, changed cable, solid video since then.

      Fixed. Q.E.D.

    • So, you really are telling me the internal HDMI cable inside Solo failed?  Interesting.  I'm wondering if it's from those of us that were using it to connect to GoPro prior to getting a gimbal, plugging and un-plugging, no video, etc.?  Well, at least I have one that is getting shipped to me by a fellow board member overnight and will be replacing it.  Will let you know how it goes.

      Still cannot figure out why 3DR would use such a stiff internal cable, makes no sense - except with a fixed gimbal where it is exposed to the outside world/elements.


    • Thanks, yes I'm techno type/engineer.  Wonder if I should just go ahead and buy the 'flex' cable offered in the groups. 

      I'm hoping it's not the cable that connects to the Gimbal, nor the GoPro HDMI connector itself, but the internal HDMI from board to Gimbal (the stiff one).  I worked fine post the initial gimbal install and have not done any mod's nor changes as far as cables.  Curious why a cable would just fail.  With my experience, this makes no sense.  Only after the App/update have I had the issue.  Will do you you mentioned, a re-seat of the internal HDMI cable to board and Gimbal.  Let you know.  Thank you very much.


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