3DR Solo Leg Extensions


My brilliant business partner (and wife, because I’m just smart enough to marry her) came up with a great idea for extending the legs that threaten the gimbal and camera given on the 3DR Solo it is too low to the ground. 

Rather than wait for extensions to show up or risk breaking our $500 gimbal, we spent $2 at the Dollar Store which got us four super-light & squishy smiley balls (should have got blue and red to match the lights …ah well).
Makes for a great cushioned landing,
a perfect height adjustment,
and a very visible sign of orientation from afar in bright daylight.
We just punched a hole with a knife in the back of each (so the smiles appear from below)
and inserted each over a leg.
Glue if you dare. 
We didn’t because if you lose one,
well… they are very cheap to replace.



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  • @Fish, you may want to consider getting these in the long term.Solo Extenders. They are foldable and easy for storage. I have them with my Solo Backpack and it is great! When you fold them out, it adds on around 30mm to your overall height... but only 10mm when folded back. Here is a video of how to install the Solo Extenders.


    • I have no problem getting them. Only had a problem waiting for them!

      Thanks for the video link... it will come in handy when the extenders arrive...

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