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Just wanted to share that I learned through Twitter communication with 3DR that the SOLO app doesn't support survey mapping; however, you can use the Tower app but apparently that voids your warranty, or at least the flight with Tower won't be covered by the warranty.

It looks like the way of the future is to have a UAV for a selfie and another UAV for surveys. 

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  • How the heck does using the Tower app void your warranty? Is the issue the possibility that someone could change parameters on it? 

    • I believe that using Tower does not impact the physical warranty of the Solo or controller but rather the implied warranty that if something should go wrong with a flight (using the standard software) that any resulting crash damage would be covered.

      In reality you can program flights without using Tower that would result in striking objects (like an Orbit into something); but the possibilities of programing a riskier flight do increase greatly with all the options available for autonomous flights using Mission Planner, Droid planner or Tower.

  • Now that few solos are in the wild and we know more, is this still true?
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