• Erik,
    I am currently working on attaching a LidarLite to Solo.
    You need to break out the I2C bus and to add the drivers to the code.
    I suppose it's the same you need to do for the optical flow sensor.
    For accessing the I2C bus see here:
    Extend 3DR Solo Accessory Bay
    Extend the capabilities through the Extension Port in the Accessory Bay by adding PWM servo control and I2C applications. By Stephan.
  • @ Erik, I believe Philip at 3DR is working on a module at the moment, however I can't speak as to when it will be available, as 3DR does tend to take time with most things.

    I've been curious as to wether say a Inspire one or Phantom 3 vision position module could be implemented until 3DR releases something. Perhaps someone may know if this is possible?

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