RSSI log

How do I get RSSI data for the controller / Solo link from the log files?

I can download the log files from both the controller and from Solo, but I don't know where to look for the RSSI values. If it is in the dataflash log it would be great, because it would be easy to synchronize with other graphs to correlate with different parts of the flight. But any other log file would be useful as well.

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  • Found it.

    Thanks Chris.

  • The RSSI component will only be on the Tlogs they are on the controller as its the only one that knows the RSSI at that time.  If you put it then into MIssion Planner (and you to display choose remrssi) it will give the RSSI at that given moment - assuming you had any connectivity, not sure what it will do if it goes 'offline' for a while.  I dont know if the solo vehicle also tracks its RSSI, I havent noticed a value for that.

    Hope it helps.


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