RTH error in 2.1.1

Since this software update last week, we have had unexplained RTH events, followed within 2-3 secs by return to FLY mode. Three different Solos, with 3 different controllers. All running multipoint cable cam shots when error occurred.

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  • I loaded 2.3.0-1 today and got a number of RTH errors quite randomly in manual mode. Weather was balmy and sunny, so I attributed the issue to GPS glitches.....black plastic gets hot in sun! Hdop was jumping to 1.9 and satellite reception jumped between 11 and 6. Overheated GPS receiver?

  • I have also experienced this issue.

    On three separate occasions that I can immediately recall my Solo on 2.1.1 has done exactly as you described.

    The first two were at some distance (200-400m) so I thought I might have picked up some interference.

    The most recent incident, however, happened along a cable with Solo only about 15m away so I'm ruling out interference.

    Again, the behaviour is exactly as George described: Solo moving along a cable, entering RTH, then returning to FLY within 2-3 seconds.

    Glad to know I'm not the only one with issues.

    I was beginning to think I had a problem with my radios/antennas. 

    If anybody at 3DR is willing to dig into this I can pull logs.

    • I want to also note that I've had two instances with Solo exhibiting this same behaviour when /setting up/ a mutlipoint cable. In both cases I had two points set and was transiting to the third. Along the way I got RTH followed by FLY about 2 seconds later. Very annoying as you have to reprogram the entire cable from the beginning. Especially annoying since one of the cables was close to 1km long.

    • What version of the app are you running?  You should be able to recall a saved smart shot.  Just check though if you are flying close to objects that you finger is in the pause button in case the track is 'shifted'.  You just fly to the start point and tell it to go again.  Does it happen in the same spot each time, or is it random?

      Post up the logs, we might be able to help?  You can try a support ticket too, they may get to it before someone on here does, who knows.

    • 2.1.1 on Controller and Solo.

      2.2.0 for the App.

      I load saved cables all the time - go out beforehand and get things set up then return with your talent during golden hour to grab the actual shot. The issue is that I've had this glitch before completing the cable setup (as well as afterward). In one instance I flew from home to about 500m away (start point), then back across home and 500m in the opposite direction (point 2), then up and out for a reveal (final point). I lost connection on the ascent between points 2 and 3 so the cable didn't get saved. When you're dealing with those distances it's not trivial to start the programming again. I have plenty of batteries so it's never caused a huge problem but it's definitely annoying.

      As far as the timing, it's always random. Whether it's setting up the cable or running along it Solo goes into RTH mode for about 2 seconds then back to FLY. As I said above, I thought it was interference given the distances until it happened to me the other day with Solo only about 15m away. I've never seen the behaviour in anything but Cable Cam though - but that could just be down to probability as it's only happened 5 times that I can recall in many many hours of flight.

      If I get time I'll pull the logs and post.

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