Second Crash

It seems I am a slow learner.  Against all advice, I keep taking off from near the house and trees because "I've got it this time."  So I drove it into the tree cause I panicked and hit "forward" instead of "back."  

One of the light covers popped off.  The impact was big enough to jar the battery lose and a crack appeared at the base of one arm.. The antennas popped out of the legs.  All the props were trashed.

I don't think the antennas are a big deal. Just put them back in the legs.

Buy a new set of props (ouch).

The crack in the arm is bad but the frame still appears to be rigid  so I will continue to fly it until Solo becomes erratic.

Suggestions please.

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  • Ouch.  Big bummer.  Its too late now, but when you start out, its definitely best to keep your body and the drone aligned in the same direction.  So forward for you is forward for it.  Right is right. Left is left.  I still do this when I am coming in for a landing in a tight spot.  It helps with reflex reactions.

    I think you are SOL on the shell.  I'm not saying you couldn't tape it up or use some kind of super strong epoxy, but you are probably better off ordering a new shell:

    Think of it this way.  You'll learn a lot taking everything apart and putting it back into a new shell.  

    In the meantime, if you think your cracked shell can handle it, you could keep practicing.

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