Solo Crash on Camera Flash

Flying my Solo this evening when it flew off and crashed across the street after my son took a picture of it while it was hovering in front of him. No warning - just went. Solo was completely unresponsive to control attempts. See the event here:

Uploaded log to 3DR. Really lucky no one was hurt as kids had just been watching. Second flight - battery was around 20% - getting a picture just before going to land it.

Broke 3 blades but no damage to Solo or GoPro.

Doesn't build confidence when it just decides to do its own thing...


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  • Better to have broken blades than burnt out motors

    • For sure!

  • Still amazed that people fly their new aircraft so close to houses and other obstacles where GPS signals are easily blocked.  We would have never thought of flying a RC model 10-15 years ago in our driveway, (fixed wing or rotorcraft).  It's a whole new bread of pilots.

    • You are right - that long ago I used a LORAN to navigate. Times are changing! I wonder what we will be able to do 10-15 years from now.

    • Developer

      Sorry, I just had to..  (and I totally agree about people flying in places experienced R/C pilots would never even consider).


    • Absolutely Great John, I looked at your cartoon first and didn't get it.

      Then I read AKRCGUYs comment above it.

      Can't stop laughing.

      Love those typos.



    • Hilarious! One might observe that if he's coming in at that steep an angle he's going to be toast.

  • Does your son have a Samsung phone? I've seen some phones kill a much larger and more accurate GPS system, maybe the phone killed the Solo's GPS fix. Is the phone setup to geotag each photo?

    • Gatts, that doesn't make sense. GPS receivers do not transmit anything.

    • You're a smart cookie Aaron, and quite correct...they don't. But phones do, and have been known to interfere with GPS systems.

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