Solo Crash on Camera Flash

Flying my Solo this evening when it flew off and crashed across the street after my son took a picture of it while it was hovering in front of him. No warning - just went. Solo was completely unresponsive to control attempts. See the event here:

Uploaded log to 3DR. Really lucky no one was hurt as kids had just been watching. Second flight - battery was around 20% - getting a picture just before going to land it.

Broke 3 blades but no damage to Solo or GoPro.

Doesn't build confidence when it just decides to do its own thing...


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    • I am guessing that is probably what happened here as well although it was a clear shot to the sky.

      If that is the case it is too bad Solo has to fly away as soon as no GPS signal. Little unnerving to say the least.

      They need to hurry and combine it with a sensor module that kicks in as soon as a GPS fix is lost.

    • As Navteq's developed I worked hard to build GPS-free Location Based Services,

      Indoor GPS-free (or GPS signal lost)  car navigation system.

      There is a nice solution in case of GPS signal lost, since DIY drones are equipped with high-tech sensors which can temporary replace GPS signal.

      Fly-away control process should be assigned with one of the highest priorities.

      Twin-controller enabled drone boat can be useful to test fly-away control procedures and algorithms as well as GPS signal lost navigation.

      3D passive video radar (3d vision) can be implemented to replace mini LIDAR or TAWS in case of multi camera drones, to detect near and semi-near obstacles ( 360 panorama)

    • Like  the sonar on a  phantom 3 maybe???

  • Wow that's pretty crazy. I can't imagine it had anything to do with the camera flash and was just a coincidence. Did 3DR get back to you or did you just sent the log?

    • I am sure it was just a coincidence as I don't think Solo is camera shy:-). Just sent the log - hopefully I'll hear back tomorrow.

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