Solo key features - IMO

So I am excited about the solo, but wondering on some key points.

1. What is the battery life? Iris+ with everything on gives me solid 15min of flight time. Will Solo be able to match that?

2. Orbit is pretty cool feature. "Get an iconic wraparound shot by locking your GoPro® onto any object with the push of a button."

What i am wondering, can I just lock on to any object. Then be in full control of the 3DR Solo while it locks onto the object. That way I can get the best shot I need, while still having the object focused in the center. Or able to lock on, and then can do my own flyby while it locks onto the object.

3. Does it have retractable legs? If not seems really pointless to have 3 axis gimbal when the legs can get in your way. Messing up your shot.

I am sure there will be other questions in the future, but these are my main ones right now.

Right now the info on the Solo is limited, even Support is "coming soon".

Anyone have any ideas on these key points that will make or break the solo IMO.

Thank you for letting me be part of this group.


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  • 1. It claims 25min with no camera and 20min with camera.

    2. With previous modes on Pixhawk you couldn't do that since it had to be programmed into a mission. I guess we need to see and find out soon.

    3. Doesn't look like it but 3 axis is helpful for going fast forward to keep it from yawing side to side, of course you can't do full 360 degrees. It kinda looks like the legs are easily removed with some screws from some pics I see, maybe that will be a feature they will add.

    • ..or the Solo moves according to the the degrees in the ginball so they will not appear on frames..., today if they both have processors they are capable to comunicate and do so...

  • OK well just seen the video and it claims 20min of flight time. Was hoping for 30min.
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