Solo Manual Camera Controls Error

G'day all,

I have had my Solo for only a few weeks and am very frustrated by the error message I am getting on my controller.

It reads "Manual camera controls error Contact 3dr Support"

I have been working with 3DR support for a week now and have not gotten to the bottom of the issue.

Everything was going fine until I updated the Solo to 

App v2.3.0

Solo v2.3.0-1

Autopilot v1.2.23

Gimbal v 1.3.6

Controller v 2.3.0-1

Controller Firmware v 1.2.8

Not sure if this was a coincidence or not but it was working before.  

Fitted to the gimbal is a Gopro Hero 4 Black.  When I get this error, the gimbal will not move from the position it was in when I got the error.  This happens EVERY flight at some point, be it before take off to almost the end of the flight.

I have calibrated the controller sticks per the You Tube Video 4 times now just to make sure I did it correctly, but alas, this problem prevails.

Any ideas from the group would be appreciated.




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