Solo Multi-Bay Charger Pre-launch

Solo Pilot Friends -

As many of you know, I designed a polished, easy-to-use 5-bay charger for Solo that was demonstrated by 3DR at CES and NAB earlier this year. Batteries click-in and click-out, using the same mechanicals as the drone itself. The design is working and ready for manufacture at our partner in Malaysia, and 3DR is fully supportive of this charger being made available. Now I need validation that there's enough interest to move forward with a pre-order campaign, then on to production.

So I need to hear from you. Please have a look at our pre-launch page on CrowdSupply, and if you're pretty sure you'll buy one, subscribe with your email on the page so we can get a count:…/solo-battery-charger

We'll have a look at the uptake over the next week or so, and if it looks like enough of you want to buy we'll set up pre-orders! To help us get an accurate gauge of demand, please don't try to game our system! Sign up only if you think you'll buy, and only sign up once (if you want to buy more than one charger, there is an email address on the page where you can send us a note to let us know).

thanks everyone!



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