Solo Shell Availability SC11A

Apparently the Solo shells are getting quite difficult to obtain. Best Buy,, as well as others that are identified in previous posts are out, Spekter, alldronesstore

These were available direct from 3DR until recently for about $70. Called them yesterday and was referred to their authorized repair center "currentuas dot com". Contacted them and was quoted 120 new, and 80 used.  Wondering if all of 3DR's inventory was sold to one company who then jacked up the price.

Found that they had 5 available at; ended up getting one for about 113 US shipped.

Anyone know of any other verified sources, or if additional inventory may be coming available.

Also wondering if anyone has transplanted the Solo electronics to an off the shelf frame from an independent vendor. I'm sure that someone has, just haven't been able to find any info

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