Solo update, app update: A "review"

So, I spent some time flying around with the Solo update, and the updated Solo app (on Android). Here's a "review":


Starting up, the app prompted me to change my password and Solo SSID. So I did that (I confess, I hadn't changed it yet.). Throughout the process of hooking to the right wifi and other "first-time run" type of things, the Solo app crapped out probably 5 times. Obviously not a show-stopper, but something 3DR ought to look at.

I tried Follow. I like the "Look at me" feature, it will be handy. My Samsung Tablet didn't seem to have a very good GPS fix, but Solo was looking at the reported location (90 degrees from where I was, not Solo's fault). I walked around, and the Solo sat there, turning like a floating robot head looking for me. Pretty cool.

I set a tight Cable Cam shot next to a large bush by my driveway. It seemed to work well, but I think you need to leave a couple of feet of margin around whatever it is you're flying past. I cut it really close, and the GPS drifted about 6". That was enough to make the Solo try to trim the bush slightly on the way past. Not an issue with Cable Cam itself. Overall, it worked pretty well.

One problem with Cable Cam was the Solo app. During the shot, it flickered between a full-screen map and the video feed. It didn't look at all like something they would make it do on purpose.


I guess the 10-meter pop-up on RTL is probably useful to someone, but not me. I set my RTL altitude already, and I don't see any point in jumping 10 more meters on RTL. There's probably a parameter that can be used to adjust it, so I'm going to look for that.

RTL on low battery is a great idea. But not when it's flying 10 feet away from you in your yard. I got a couple of warnings about the battery getting low, and started flying slowly toward my garage in Fly:Manual about 4' off the ground in preparation for parking it. I was probably 5' away from it, and 15' from the launch location. It reached the "critically low" threshold and went into RTL, and headed for the sky. (Good thing I had my B button mapped to Fly:Manual!) Since the point of RTL on low battery is to bring it home if it's far away, it would seem there is no point in having it do that when it's already home. It would be a simple matter to check distance from the launch location on battery failsafe and not RTL if it's less than some predetermined distance (with a default of, say, 20 meters). Hopefully that's configurable as a parameter too.

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    The parameter name for the RTL pop-up is RTL_CLIMB_MIN.  FYI - I'm not responsible for the solo but I did add the RTL pop-up code to Copter-3.3 which was ported over to the solo code.

    • Hi Randy,

      Well, that was fast! I haven't gotten around to pulling the params on the Solo update, but I appreciate you pointing me to the right one. I can see how it would be handy, but I've come to basically live by the ancient proverb "Altitude is your friend", so I don't anticipate needing the pop-up. 



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