Tower and Solo gopro geotagging

Since no images are geotagged during flight how can I do that.  I want to be able to use pix4d to process images.  If someone has step by step instructions that would be very helpful.

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  • I documented the steps that I use for geotagging with Solo on my blog, hopefully it helps people to have it all in one place.  It is pretty simple once you get used to it.

  • Sorry it took so long to get this back to you guys.  This is how I have geotagged with good results.

    I use Tower to plan flights on my tablet and have to pull the TLOG from it.  The string to find them on my Samsung Galaxy Tab PRO is

    For flights planned for AUTO mode:
    This PC-WiregrassDrones(or what ever you named you Tablet)     inside there I find my I find my TLOGS and drag it into a new folder I created on desktop

    Create a new folder on the desk top and place your pictures and Tlog into it

    Open mission planner

    Once open in mission planner press CTRL F will open up a new pop up.

    Select Geo Ref images on top (another new page will open up)

    select Browse Log and select your TLOG

        the browse picture column should auto populate since its in the same folder

    it defaults to CAM message synch, change that to Time Offset

    next select pre process, verify at the end its says done and has no error message.  If any pictures are not inside the flight time they will not be geotagged and be labeled not GPS match in the log file.   

    I skip Location KML its used to see pictures on a map to verify location

    Then I select Geotag Images

    That will create a new folder inside the one you created on your desktop (picture and Tlog folder)

    the new folder will be labeled GeoTagged all the images should be geotagged.

    you can Geotag flights that are not in AUTO mode just need to pull that TLOG from the appropite folder and do the same steps 

    • At the start of every day I fly I re synch my tablet time to my gopro. I use the gopro app wifi then turn off wifi in the gopro when I am done. I will look to see what offset times I am getting. I started using the peau 5.4 lens but had bad results so in put the fish eye back in and it has given me results i am very happy with.
    • What coordinate system are you using. I am not sure what the output of the 3DR solo. 


    • Thanks Buck. I have printed that out and will give it a try.

    • Thanks Buck, Quick question. What type of offset are you getting ? I am getting 174.245 Does that sound about right to you ? Thanks again for your help on this. 


  • Sir, 

    Did you have much success with the geotagging ? I finally did however now I am not getting a good map. The single photos are good however the maps is not linning up. 


    • I have found that using mission planner to Geotag is very easy and fast

      I will make a quick step by step check list in the morning when I can sit down in front of the computer so I don't miss any steps.  I have been utilizing it a lot with pix4d and have so far had great results.

    • Sir, 

      I am flying a Solo with go pro 4with 5.4mm lens so there is no fish eye. I am flying a 3dr solo with 70% overlap. I am getting good imagery see below. When I am running it through pix4d I am getting crazy results with areas that are east of the house to the west of the house. When you import your images with exif which coordinate system are you using ? Any help would be much appreciated. 




    • Im awaiting this info as well, thanks

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