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Hi all,

What sort of video latency (ballpark) are people seeing with the Solo and viewing the GoPro through the app? I'm seeing anywhere from 1-3 seconds, depending on how far out I'm flying.



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    In a bench test I measured only 130ms.  That's ideal conditions obviously with the transmitter and receiver very close together.  Also I was using a monitor instead of my android tablet to display the video.

    The way I did the test was to display on my computer screen displayed the video output from the Solo on a separate screen using an hdmi cable connected to the back of the solo controller.  Then took a picture of both screens and the latency is the difference in the times.  This is easy on the bench but not so easy in the air, so sorry, I'm not really answering your question.


    • Hi Randy,

      Cool, I thought about doing that sort of thing too. I was playing with it earlier (after I posted the 1-3 second figure), and I was getting about 1/10 second latency with the Solo on one side of a small room and the TX on the other. It was actually pretty good. This is a rough measurement, waving my hand at the camera, and watching the screen. Considering that it's coming across the Solo->TX connection and then to the tablet, it's pretty good.

      The 1-3 seconds I was getting was last evening, and I was at least 700 ft. out. I was flying along a row of trees at the far end of a field. There was a gap in the trees and I executed a perfect turn toward the center of the gap, piloting via the screen. Then I saw I was off to one side of it, stopped, corrected, etc. Watching the recorded footage, I can see the exact same scene come up, but I execute the "perfect turn" about 2 seconds late. Which makes sense, since I would have seen the gap 2 seconds after I encountered it. 



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      I did the same test for a Bebop and it's latency was 0.250 seconds (almost 2x the solo) although I was using an old android tablet which could have been slowing things down a bit.  The Bebop does a lot of fancy OSD on the screen as well and image stabilization so it's not wonder that it's a little slower.

    • I think I can easily live with the latency I'm getting. As long as I can see something close to what the copter is seeing (without adding a bunch of tacked-on transmitters, etc.) I'm happy. My main issue has been that it's impossible to judge how far I am from a subject when the copter is between it, and me. I would swear I'm about to crash into it, but then the footage shows I'm 50 ft. away. The FPV on the Solo solves that problem for me.

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