I'm trying to use an old iPad 2 running VLC as an external viewer of the Solo live video stream.

The access to this stream is described in the Solo Development Guide under the heading "Video Pipeline." Here is the URL: http://dev.3dr.com/concept-video.html

OK, so I've tried viewing that stream on my Surface 3 while logged into the Solonet and running VLC using the sololink.sdp file configured per the guide as follows:

c=IN IP4
m=video 5600 RTP/AVP 96
a=rtpmap:96 H264/90000
t=0 0

I've not been able to see the stream using this .sdp file, and I've tried the following rtp url on my iPAD-2 running VLC:  "rtp://@"  I'm assuming per the .sdp file that the port used by the video stream is 5600.

          As with the Surface-3, I get NOTHING, "cannot display video stream etc, etc,."

Anyone had any success viewing the video stream on another computer or tablet while the Solo is up and running & streaming?  What am I missing here?



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  • So I need to use a 10 year old utility to command the controller? Whew. I'll try and back track on your posts elsewhere (3dr pilots?) and see what you did. Thanks
  • Developer
    Yes, but I needed to connect using nc (netcat) from the target to the host controller to get it to send the UDP packets.
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