We will still need Tower App

It sounds like the Solo App doesn't have waypoint/ROI mission planning capability. We will still need to use the Tower App for that. (Or Mision Planner, APM 2.0, etc)

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  • Yes that's true. Which is cool. I'm glad they kept the stuff we're used too. I'm just wondering how we will connect since there is no telemetry radios. Must be Wifi but that sucks for tablets because I usually connect my Wifi to my Personal Hotspot so I get internet when I'm using tower to upload my flights to drone share and update maps.

  • I was wondering just how "proprietary" 3DR will become with SOLO apps especially since every app to date for the Iris/Iris+ has been from the Open Source community.  It appears that they will continue to rely on Open Source for the SOLO.

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